The Donovans, Book 15

April 6, 2017
Artistry Publishing LLC
ISBN-13: 9781545293089
ISBN-10: 1545293082


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Destiny of a Donovan

Destiny of a Donovan

Fighting for everything…

Brynne Donovan has been in one battle after another—with obesity, drowning in her big sister’s shadow and now finding out that her father had a secret son. She’s reached her breaking point and decides to recuperate from her weight loss surgery in private. It’s well past time for her to take control of her life and to live the way she wants without her family name dictating her choices. Accepting the invitation of a friend, Brynne decides that her new life will begin at the end of her stay at a vineyard in Napa Valley. She could not have selected a better place to convalesce, especially since her friend’s older brother was very easy on the eyes and as charming as any storybook prince. He was everything her family would disapprove of—older, richer and of a different race. But Brynne doesn’t care, the passion between them overrules everything and everyone else, until her new big brother shows up and threatens everything Brynne has fought so hard to find.

…and determined to hold on to it all.

Wade Basset Banks, III is a billionaire, used to getting anything he wants. So when his sister introduces him to her college friend, it doesn’t take him long to realize that he wants her. It’s then that he recognizes her name and recalls meeting other members of this illustrious family. Accustomed to adversity Wade is not up for a secret affair and when Brynne gives him an ultimatum he’s offended and heartbroken. Defeat isn’t something Wade’s used to experiencing and Brynne’s announcement leaves him wondering about the future he once envisioned for himself.

In the midst of relationship turmoil, Brynne and Wade will soon find themselves in the middle of a media firestorm and nothing either of them have ever experienced prepares them for the moment Roslyn Ausby plays her final hand.