The Donovans, Book 4

August 1, 2009
Kimani Romance
ISBN-13: 9780373861279
ISBN-10: 0373861273


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Full House Seduction

Full House Seduction

Noelle Vincent may have led a wild and scandalous life, but really, isn’t every woman entitled to a few secrets? Now the former party girl is gambling on her future when she’s tapped to get a new casino off the ground. Suddenly she’s upping the ante when she gets her first eye-opening glimpse of gorgeous developer Brock Remington.

Ever since he was adopted, Brock has followed a simple law of the Donovan clan: always play your cards close to your chest. But all bets are off when he falls for the sexy, free-spirited new site manager. They’re both consenting adults, but Brock wants more. Is Noelle willing to roll the dice on their future, even if it means defying the odds and playing for the highest stakes of all?

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How did I get here? Noelle Vincent asked herself as she settled into the soft leather seats of the Donovan jet.

Her bags had been stowed, her laptop and briefcase lying in the seat beside her while her temples pulsed with a budding headache.

Glancing out the window she swallowed then took a deep breath. She was not a fan of flying so flying across country definitely was not on her ‘to do list’. Her brother-in-law knew that and for some insane reason simply did not care.

“Break down your barriers,” he’d told her simply. He was always saying things like that to her, giving her endless advice and motivation. “Your life would be so much fuller if you’d open yourself up to truly living it.”

Noelle had thought about his words for the rest of that evening and in the morning had begun packing. She’d never been this far away from home before, never been this much on her own. But Linc had confidence in her. He believed she could handle this job, that she could manage his new casino on her own.

Twenty-four months ago Linc had believed that she could learn the business of running a casino, so much so that he’d insisted she enroll at the local community college taking business courses by day while working right beside him at the Gramercy Casino in their home town of Las Vegas at night. When she’d graduated with her AA degree he’d promoted her, telling her that this was just the beginning. Noelle had been nervous then too, but Linc had insisted she was going to succeed.

And she had.

He’d had faith in her then, when she was nothing but a screw-up, so his continued trust in her abilities now were not to be taken lightly. That’s why she was on this plane, flying across country, because Linc had put her there and he expected her to, once again succeed. She would not let him down.

Lincoln Donovan, oldest son of Beverly and Henry Donovan whose name was like a household word in Las Vegas due to their generous charitable contributions and philanthropic work, was sexy and arrogant. He was the owner of the Gramercy Casino and married to Noelle’s older sister, Jade.

Linc and Jade—about two months ago—just had their first set of twins, Alexis and Alera, who were just about the cutest little girls Noelle had ever seen. The birth had been an occasion with Linc’s younger brother and his fiancé, Adam and Camille, his parents, Max and Ben, the Donovan cousins, and Noelle and Linc all squeezed into Jade’s birthing room. When the moment of truth finally came, the guests were escorted out, all except Linc, Noelle, Beverly and Henry. It had been emotional and uplifting to watch her sister bring life into the world.

And it had been heartbreaking.

No, not really heartbreaking, more like eye-opening. Here she was, Noelle Olivia Vincent, a twenty-six year old college graduate, still living with her big sister and still unwed, without any prospects.

And now sitting on a plane, fastening her seatbelt and trying like hell to keep her breakfast in her stomach where it belonged.

How did she get here? Not on this plane per se—because she’d already answered that one—but here, at this point in her life. That question had been on her mind more and more these days.
In the immediate sense she had an answer.

Her destination was Maryland, the Eastern Shore, near a town called St. Michael’s to be exact. For all the site searching she’d done in L.A. and San Francisco, Linc had decided the extension of his famous casino would be on the east coast. Most likely since his brother Trent and Trent’s friend, Sam Desdune had just successfully opened a private investigation firm on opposite sides of the country.

Noelle had been working for Linc at the Gramercy since she’d lost five thousand dollars in the casino and her sister, Jade, had bargained with Linc to work it off. That little bargain had opened the door to Jade’s happily ever after. The thought never failed to make Noelle smile.

Now, two years and a college degree later, Noelle was a fantastic manager, Linc had said so himself. And had shown his confidence in her by sending her to oversee the building and opening of the Gramercy II, the new casino she still wished were going to be in L.A.

Still, in the past couple of years Noelle had learned to take new developments in stride. And where the Donovan men were concerned, there was always something new. Trent and Tia were the newest of surprises. Who would have ever thought, Trent Donovan with his military training and fanatical outlook would end up with the beautiful supermodel? Noelle certainly didn’t, but had to admit that after spending some time with Tia in L.A. and getting to know her, she was the perfect match for Trent. Now they were expecting a baby and planning to get married. Trent had wanted a quick ceremony but Tia refused to steal Camille’s spotlight. Camille and Adam had just been married two weeks ago. Now, Noelle presumed, Trent would finally get Tia to agree to a quickie ceremony. And they’d better let her know when so she could fly back for the festivities.

They were her family now, the Donovans and their wives, complete with their notoriety and connections. Noelle hadn’t had family in a long time and didn’t want to be away from them for too long.

Karena Lakefield, Noelle’s best friend, even though she spent most of her time traveling the world as a buyer for her family’s art museum, had insisted this was an excellent opportunity for Noelle.

But Noelle knew what she really meant. It was a good time to get away from Vegas, from Luther and the whirlwind of drama he’d inflicted on her life.

For that, Noelle would endure the long flight and the summer months on the shore. She would endure the frizzy hair she was likely to sport as a result of the humidity and salt water combined. She would handle being away from her twin nieces and her big sister and the men she’d come to know and love as brothers.

She would go to Maryland and work like hell to once again prove that she could succeed in business, even if not in love.