The Donovans, Book 10

May 26, 2013
Artistry Publishing


Heart of a Donovan

Heart of a Donovan

A Family Affair.

Regan Donovan loves her family first and her job second. She’s never been the “happily ever after” type and prides herself on keeping a cool head at all times—until Gavin Lucas shows up at the Donovan Family Reunion, uninvited, unwelcome, and undeniably irresistible.

Risking It All.

She absolutely despises him and has made no secret of that fact. But Gavin Lucas knows better, he’s seen the passion in her eyes and the spark of attraction between them keeps him awake at night. Regan Donovan is the woman for him, the one he’s yearned for all his life. She’s also the reason he’s traveled to the Donovan private island when he should have been promoting his restaurant, because Gavin will stop at nothing to win the heart of this Donovan.

A weather disaster is predicted, an escaped convict is on the loose, and a wedding will be interrupted—will love once again prevail for the Donovans?