August 1, 2008
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ISBN-13: 9781601620651
ISBN-10: 1601620659


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Indecent Proposal

Indecent Proposal

Four women are about to embark on a weekend that will forever change their lives.

Cally Thomas has her eyes set on a different type of man. Coincidentally, this man has also had his eye on her and is ready to put his plan of seduction into effect.

Serena Clark is reunited with her first love. But is she ready for the man he’s become and the changes he has in store for her?

Nola Brentwood is an uptight, workaholic, but when a co-worker lights her fire, all bets are off. Working in their office will never be the same.

Jenna Barrett is getting married to an older, rich man who is dedicated to spoiling her. All her dreams are about to come true.

Until…the videotape is played…lies are revealed…and the gun goes off.

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Conference Call

For about the millionth time today Nola thought back to the three-way telephone conversation she, Cally and Serena had last night. Besides the fact that her hornier-than-hell cousins were one step ahead of her—having already secured their dates for the weekend—there was something else disturbing going on.

Jenna, the bride-to-be, had called. She wanted to have dinner with them tonight.

“Why?” Nola had instantly asked. She’d never liked Jenna much. Perhaps it was because she was a whiner used to get her own way all the time. Or was it because Jenna’s father loved her beyond compare and spared no expense in proving that fact? Nola’s dead-beat dad was somewhere between Virginia and New York where he’d managed to dodge child support payments like Ron Isley dodged the IRS.

“I’m not sure, but she sounded a little strange,” Cally said.

“Is that something new?” Nola said dryly.
Serena laughed. “Not really but since she’s getting married in a few days we should probably take the time to meet with her. She may be having second thoughts.”

“If she’s got any sense at all she is having second thoughts,” Nola stared contemplatively out the window in her bedroom. If Jenna called off the wedding she wouldn’t have to continue the man-hunt. Not that she’d been doing much in that regard anyway.

She’d been at a domestic hearing all Monday morning and then had a late lunch with one of the partners at the firm. She’d spent the remainder of her afternoon returning phone calls and emails until five thirty had rolled around and she’d been so agitated by the staff and her clients that she’d packed her briefcase and came home to continue working.

That was quickly interrupted by the phone call from her cousins. And after she’d finally managed to get them and their I-got-some-today attitudes off the phone she’d been even more wound up and too distracted to work.

She hadn’t slept well that night and had finally awakened at around four in the morning. Deciding sleep was futile at this point Nola opted to take a shower and head into the office. If she got there before the staff arrived and before the phones started ringing she had no doubt she’d be able to get some work done.

Ten minutes later, very warm water, on the brink of scorching her skin, pounded against her body. Resting her forehead on the wall of the shower Nola let the heated droplets attempt to relax her while her mind continued to wander. Ever since Friday night’s plan of action was plotted she’d had a very unstable feeling.

It wasn’t that she didn’t believe herself attractive. No, that was clearly not the case. If nothing else Nola had confidence in her looks and her professional capabilities. What she did not have confidence in were men. A long time ago she realized that was a result of her father abandoning her mother and his three-year old daughter. And while logically she could say that he was young and stupid and that it was his loss, emotionally she’d carried the scars for the remaining thirty years of her life.

Nola had long since vowed to never let a man have that type of control over her emotions again. As such she dealt with men sparingly and only in the sense of sexual gratification. Bruce was good to her, as were her fingers and her own imagination. But every once in a while she did get the urge to feel a long, hot dick deep inside her. Sometimes she needed the strength of a man thoroughly aroused ramming into her until she was completely drained.

Her body shook with the thought.

She turned to face the shower nuzzle letting the water hit her breasts with pleasurable consistency. Her skin tingled and her pussy muscles began to contract.

She knew what that meant.

Cursing softly because Bruce was in her nightstand drawer Nola contemplated whether to hurry up and wash and get out of the shower or to take the time to release this tension. She opted for the latter convincing herself that her day would be much more productive if she did so.

Nola’s life was carefully planned, her schedule very important to her. So allowing for impromptu sexual escapades wasn’t always possible. Normally her time for pleasure was at night after a long bath, initiated by a glass of Chardonnay and topped off by Miles Davis’ trumpet melodies lulling her to sleep.

This morning she would have to break from the norm.

Picking up the soap she created a thick lather then replaced the bar in its holder and began to rub her now aching breasts. Sensations rippled through her body with slow consistency beginning the dance of nerves and hormones deep inside her body. She leaned back against the wall of the shower letting her hands travel lower to her flat stomach down her hips, around to her butt.

Small sighs escaped as she imagined her hands were bigger, stronger, masculine. She squeezed her butt cheeks and moaned. Then she smacked the soap soaked mounds and bit her bottom lip as essence seeped from her center. Deciding she liked the sound and feel of that action she repeated it, again and again.