July 1, 2008
Genesis Press
ISBN-13: 9781585713134
ISBN-10: 1585713139


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Object of His Desire

Object of His Desire

Beautiful and ambitious to a fault, Macy Glenn is about to embark on her most challenging case yet. Jordan Blake is a walking Adonis – with the mixture of fine Italian lineage and African-American Style and wit, he has quickly become one of the world’s youngest billionaires and an eligible bachelor.

Jordan’s heart is quickly captured when he sees Macy for the first time. Deeding he must have her, he makes his moves. Usually able to rise to any challenge, Macy control begins to whither under Jordan ’s intense gaze. The death of Jordan ’s brother and its obvious Mafia connection carries them to the mountains of Sicily.

Will Jordan’s family destroy what he is so determined to have, and will Macy’s independence and determination for the truth spiral this relationship into doom?