The Donovans, Book 12

December 15, 2015
Artistry Publishing
ISBN-13: 9780692655320
ISBN-10: 0692655328


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Wrapped in a Donovan

Wrapped in a Donovan

‘Tis the season to fall in love…

Jenise Langley has always been known in her family as “Ms. Independent”. A seasoned trial attorney now managing the Miami branch of the prestigious Langley Law firm, she’s all about taking care of herself and her business. Until Savian Donovan walks into her office and opens the door to unbridled passion. But outside the bedroom there’s turmoil brewing behind Savian’s stormy eyes and pending murder charges on his doorstep. Now, Jenise must decide if she’s on board for a bumpy road to love or if the shields she’d learned long ago to erect around her heart should remain in place…forever.

Savian Donovan is in big trouble. He’s suspected of murder and he’s sleeping with his attorney. His name is being dragged through the mud and his father and uncles are still keeping secrets from the family. There isn’t one good thing about the upcoming holiday season that Savian wants to celebrate…nothing, except the fire that burns bright and fierce between him and a woman he never expected to meet…or love.