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Shadow Shifters Rebellion, Book 1

September 29, 2017
Artistry Publishing LLC
A Lion's Heart

A Lion’s Heart: A Shadow Shifters Rebellion Novel

Shadow Shifter Assembly Leader Roman Reynolds and his mate Kalina, have had a vicious fight on their hands for the last twenty years. The war between the humans and the shifters has grown lethal and to make matters worse, their now grown daughter, Nisa is on the battlefield.

The Rebel

Nisa Reynolds is a soldier. Despite her love and respect for her parents’ position in this fight, Nisa is determined to do things her way. If only she can convince the devilishly sexy white lion shifter traveling with her that her plan is the best option for the shifters survival…if only she were strong enough to fight the passion brewing between them.

The Lion

Decan Canter’s tribe had long since learned to co-exist with the other feline shifter tribes as they all lived in Oasis and believed in saving their race by any means necessary. Having a direct order come to him from the Assembly Leader to escort his daughter across the country, wasn’t something he’d expected, yet he respected the order and had tried his best to obey. But Nisa Reynolds was unlike any other shifter Decan had ever met, and even if it meant dying at the hands of the reputed Roman Reynolds, he had to taste her…only, having her once, was never going to be enough.

The Platinum Ryders, Book 1

December 8, 2017
Artistry Publishing LLC
Come Ride With Me

Come Ride With Me

The Platinum Ryders – 4 standalone erotic biker stories, 1 connected theme…one hot month!

For Michel “Mica” Monroe, finding out she’s the heir to a motorcycle shop comes as a bittersweet reminder of the father she barely knew. Now, Mica has to leave the sheltered life she’s built for herself to start anew in a town where nobody knows her, to run a business she knows nothing about. It will take her MBA and the tenacity she inherited from her father to turn Bellamy Motors around financially and morally. But when one sexy mechanic steps up to help her, Mica realizes that keeping her father’s dream alive just might turn out to be the most passionate ride of her life!

Nash Waters owes Bell Anderson his life. So when his mentor dies leaving the bike shop to a guy none of the staff has ever heard of, Nash is the only one determined to make the relationship with the new management work. Whatever it takes is what Nash promised Bell on his deathbed, so when the shy but oh so sexy accountant comes into the shop to see if it can be saved, Nash is first to offer his help, with business and definitely with her pleasure.

The Platinum Ryders, Book 2

December 15, 2017
Artistry Publishing LLC
Mine to Ride

Mine to Ride

Dallas Kennedy doesn’t mind being the only girl in her large family that loves fixing things. Especially when after attending college, Dallas ends up working as the manager of an auto body shop where one day a totally gorgeous guy brings in a super-hot bike that only she knows how to fix. So why does it seem like the moment “gorgeous guy’s” hands touch her body, that he’s the one doing all the fixing?

Zayn Jamison has a low tolerance for foolishness and even less patience with incompetent body shop workers that don’t know one end of his bike from the next. So when the soft-spoken manager tries to keep his business, it takes every bit of manners he’d been taught by his late grandmother to stand still and listen to her. Imagine his surprise when the sexy little nymph actually knows what she’s talking about, and manages to ignite a fire that hasn’t burned in him for far too long.

The Platinum Ryders, Book 3

December 22, 2017
Artistry Publishing LLC
Midnight Ride

Midnight Ride

If there’s one thing in the world of MC clubs and family drama that Cameron Jamison truly hates, it’s his grandfather’s insistence that the final night of the annual biker’s celebration be themed and attended by every member of the Jamison family. A bad memory from an event years in the past has the normally laid back and fun-loving Cam forcing himself to wear the costume and mask and to mingle with all the attendees because his older brother and grandfather would lose their minds if he didn’t. He wasn’t expecting to see her standing alone in the dark of night, nor was he counting on offering her a ride and falling madly for her as their lips touched a few seconds after midnight.

Allie Morant is writing an article for the local newspaper on positive community gatherings in the wake of all the violence that had been plaguing cities across the nation. She’s excited to have secured an invite to one of the most talked about events in the MC community and is further impressed by the friendly fellowship of these clubs. She’s certain this article is going to get her a promotion, when while waiting outside for her source, another man shows up—the man who had years ago owned and crushed her young girl’s hear. Now Ava can think of nothing but Cam—his body, his touch and the bike club business that threatens to tear them apart…again.

The Platinum Ryders, Book 4

December 29, 2017
Artistry Publishing LLC
One Wild Ride

One Wild Ride

Peyton Jamison has never wanted anything else in her life but to ride alongside her brothers and their MC family as a true member of The Platinum Ryders. Sexist and antiquated rules keep her from achieving that goal, relegating her to working alongside the other wives and daughters of the MC members that form the Platinum Divas Social Club. Its one night after a particularly riling meeting filed with women with attitudes and endless drinks that Peyton finds herself in the arms of a hot guy who doesn’t waste any time carrying her to his bed for a night of blisteringly delicious sex. The only problem with an otherwise blissful night…the guy is her family’s biggest nemesis.

Brentley Hanson has always been more interested in crunching numbers than riding bikes, like his brothers and his father. He’s worked hard to keep the family’s bar and grille in the black over the years and is not pleased when an old grudge with a rival MC club in the area threatens all that he’s built. But when he realizes that the hot little vixen that he’d had a steamy one-night stand with is none other than the daughter of his family’s biggest enemy, Brent is unable to come up with any equation that will work out for them. Now, if only he could convince his heart of that fact.

PRINT BOOK RELEASE of all 4 stories in one volume titled COME RIDE WITH ME – December 29, 2017

The Taylors of Temptation, Book 2

March 20, 2018
Harlequin Kimani Romance
ISBN-13: 9781335216649
ISBN-10: 1335216642


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One Unforgettable Kiss

One Unforgettable Kiss

The Taylors of Temptation are back and these sextuplets are hotter than ever!

A bid on passion 

All navy pilot Garrek Taylor ever wanted was to fly far from his family’s notorious past. But now, with his wings temporarily clipped, the famous sextuplet is back in his Virginia hometown to live down a scandal and unload his family’s historical antebellum mansion. His plan is sidetracked when he becomes the winning bidder at an auction for a date with Temptation’s most reluctant and gorgeous bachelorette. 

The only child of a retired army colonel, Harper Presley is haunted by the secret that forced her return to the comfort of her Southern town. The unconventional house restorer is mortified to be paired off with an infamous Taylor—until desire blindsides them. As a slow burn of passion heats to a combustible connection, Garrek confronts a mistake that could end his military career. Can Harper help them both rebuild their lives…and build an everlasting future?