November 2, 2007
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Devlin's Desire

Devlin’s Desire

Devlin Decatur, a shape shifter who refuses to accept his heritage. He’s a millionaire playboy and nothing else. Until she enters the picture. She belongs to the same tribe that Devlin refuses to be a part of; she is the one that has come to take him back to the Gungi Rain Forest so that he can save their tribe. She is the one who makes him quiver with need.

Gabriella Kincaid is on a mission to save her people. She’s traveled far and will go to any lengths to see this mission through, even sacrifice her body. But Gabriella soon realizes that giving herself to Devlin is not a sacrifice, but a submission to the scorching heat that simmers between them.

While the politics of clones and self-preservation bear down on them, Devlin and Gabriella find consolation in both their feline and erotic connection.

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The party was in full swing when Gabriella Kincaid slipped through the glass doors of the Decatur Building. Her plane had landed only three hours earlier. She’d had just enough time to shop for a costume, visit the spa—which she never had time to do back home—and get here on time. Well, she thought, looking down at her watch, mostly on time.

The place was packed with people dressed as everything from cartoon characters to the weird looking person in a space suit that had just bumped into her. A pirate greeted her with a large smile, thrusting a plate filled with glasses in front of her. With a shrug, she lifted a glass and sipped the cool, bubbly liquid. A smile spread across her face and she finished off the glass and reached for another.

She walked around the room, looking for him. The Elder had said he would be here. This was the building owned by his company. She’d read about Stanford Decatur on the plane. He was a very rich and powerful man in the United States. And one day, thirty years ago, he’d taken a trip to the Gungi Rain Forest deep in the regions of South America. There he met and fell in love with a beautiful woman named Larena. When Stanford returned to the States, Larena returned with him. A year later, Larena gave birth to a male child and named him Devlin. Two years after that, Larena returned to the Gungi, without Stanford and without her son.

Now Gabriella was here to bring him back. The fate of their tribe depended on him and his strength.

This party was lasting too long. Devlin, for the billionth time that evening, looked down at his watch. It was almost midnight and close enough to the time where he could make a graceful exit. He’d made the required speech, spoken to the proper execs and stood still for pictures for the reporters that would write stories about this party tomorrow. Now it was time for him to go.

He’d always hated crowds of people and longed for the serenity of his house. Truth be told, he longed for something else. All night his skin had itched, the persistent crawling beneath his skin, a constant reminder of his true nature. He needed to get home, to get out of these clothes, to run.

Three steps away from the front door, Devlin remembered the proposals for HHC he needed to look over tonight. Rob Lawrence, HHC’s CEO, had spent a great deal of the evening telling Devlin what he expected out of the new advertising campaign. Devlin had to make sure that when they met tomorrow afternoon, his proposal covered everything.

Cursing, he headed back into the crowd, excusing himself and giving brief nods of hellos and goodnights as he headed toward the elevator. Slamming his palm into the “up” button, he impatiently slipped his hands into his pockets.

It was then that he felt it.

The slithery sensation of being watched.