April 1, 2009
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Melody's Men

Melody’s Men

Melody St. Claire is about to learn that great gifts come in all types of packages and giving is just as good as receiving this holiday season.

Melody St. Claire is pissed off because her basketball player boyfriend has stood her up, now she must spend the Christmas holiday in a cabin in Aspen, Colorado by herself. But Sean Blackston has a special gift for Melody this holiday season, a gift that will bring them both explicit pleasure, a gift that will bring all three of them explicit pleasure.

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Chapter One

“You have got to be kidding me!” Melody screamed through the phone. Her good mood had just turned sour as Sean’s words echoed in her mind. Trying to regulate her breathing, she inhaled, then exhaled slowly before speaking again. “I took time off without pay to come up here in the wintery forest expecting a nice long weekend together and now you’re telling me that you can’t make it. I don’t know what types of games you’re runnin’, Sean, but you should know that I don’t play like this.”

“Baby, I’m not playing with you. I can’t get away. My agent booked this photo shoot for Sports Illustrated without telling me and I can’t just blow it off. It’s my job.”

He sounded so sincere that Melody hated the doubts running through her mind. Rolling her eyes skyward she tapped her foot on the hardwood floor, her anger growing as the sound echoed throughout the room. “I am so sick of that excuse. You’re a professional basketball player, not a supermodel.”

On the other end, Sean chuckled. “Believe me, I don’t have any aspirations of becoming a supermodel. But it’s good PR. It helps sell tickets to the games, and it affords me the exposure I’ll need to run my foundation for youth once I’m finished in the NBA. Mel, you know I love you and if I could be there with you I would.”

She hated when his voice lowered and his rich baritone seemed to sing over her nerves with clever precision. She was in a cabin-albeit a beatifically rustic cabin with all the modern amenities and then some-in the mountains of Aspen where they were predicting at least six feet of snow in the next twenty-four hours. What the hell was she supposed to do here all by herself?

“Fine. I’ll just try to get a flight out before the storm hits.”

“No!” Sean said adamantly.

With a frown Melody pulled the phone away from her ear then put it back. “What? Why should I stay here alone?”

“Because you need a break, baby,” Sean said in a quieter tone. “It’ll be good for you to just relax and not have to worry about family or work for a change.”

Melody had to give him points in that regard. Her family worked her last nerve and during the holiday season it was magnified. From her mother cooking dinner for the entire family and complaining every step of the way, to her sister who was the world’s biggest moocher and her brother who drank to keep from being affected by the dysfunctional scene displayed on a regular basis. She was getting a headache just thinking about it.

“Just unpack and relax. The refrigerator should be well stocked and the fireplace is automatic. Why don’t you take one of those nice long baths you like, then cuddle up in front of the fire with a good book? I’ll call you later tonight to tuck you in.”

Melody couldn’t hide a smile. In the three years she’d been dating Sean, he’d spoiled her rotten. And not just in the material aspect. Sean catered to her on a whole other level. He worshipped her body as if she were a goddess, something she’d never experienced before. He always knew what she needed sexually, before she’d admitted it to herself. With a sigh, she gave in, “I guess you’re right. I can use some ‘me’ time.”

“See, I always know what my baby needs,” he said confidently.

While normally true, she couldn’t help but think, if you knew what I needed you’d be right here stuffing that long black cock into my hot pussy right now. “It’s just been so long since I’ve seen you.”

“I know. And I promise I’m going to make it up to you. Now I’ve really got to go. I’ll call you back.”

“Okay,” she said trying to keep from pouting. “I love you.”

“I love you, too, baby.”