May, 2008
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Personal Gain

Personal Gain

Zina Matthews is too busy running her busy to find her sexual release the old fashioned way. So, without a care for the consequences of personal gain, she resorts to witchcraft, transforming a find true love spell to a find hot sex spell! But she gets so much more than she bargained for.

Paolo Citriana has been captive to Aphrodite for way too long. When he’s summoned by a witch’s spell he thinks this might be the woman to set him free! However, convincing Zina that he’s the man of her dreams regardless of their age difference becomes a greater challenge than fighting the reputed love goddess.

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“To hell with personal gain,” Zina murmured then tossed in the last of the ingredients for her spell. She dismissed the voice of her conscience reminding her that casting a spell for personal game could end with dire consequences.

She smiled to herself as she looked down at Zeus—named for her family’s fascination with Greek mythology—her eight inch long, brown dildo with balls and vac-u-loc attachment lying solemnly in the cauldron. She’d never used the attachment since her time with Zeus was a solitary experience, but she loved him just the same and knew without a doubt that to achieve the best results she needed Zeus there. Never had a real, living, breathing man brought her the satisfaction that her loyal Zeus did.

And so he was perfect for the spell.

It was the first Friday after the new moon, just like the SpellBinder dictated.

The fact that she was actually re-writing the Find True Love spell didn’t matter.

Zina did not desire true love. She desired a hot, hard fuck, nothing more and definitely nothing less.

It had been twelve long months since she’d had sex, twenty-four if she were counting good sex.

Being the CEO of a major communications firm was a demanding position to say the least. She barely had enough time to eat and exercise let alone find the perfect sex partner. Perfect meaning, he had to be packing a huge cock and actually know how to use it. He also needed to know all her pleasure spots without her having to provide him with a manual. And he had to be there when she wanted him, whenever she wanted him.

It was a tall order, she knew, and that’s why she’d resorted to the SpellBinder.

Zina’s Wiccan powers came from her maternal great-grandmother, Valaria Hemingway, and had been passed lovingly from one generation to the next, the powers growing stronger with each new witch.

For the first sixteen years of her life Zina had despised the power. It was when she was able to cast Lila Lincoln into a blabbering idiot the morning after she’d won the election for class president that Zina had gained a new respect for the craft. Lila had been gloating all around the school, even though everybody knew she’d only won because her father had sponsored that huge pool party at their mansion the weekend before. Zina felt some form of punishment was due and the craft had come in handy.

Now, thirty years later, she was at the top of her game in the communications field and one of the strongest Hemingway witches to ever grace the earth.

An hour ago, after she’d worked twelve long hours then finally arrived at her condo and quickly ate the small salad she’d forgotten to eat at lunch time, Zina had taken a long, luxurious bath. It was the first part of the ritual.

She’d written the spell a week ago and had to pencil in the date and time that she would actually use it so she wouldn’t forget. While in the bath she’d meditated, re-reading the spell over and over in her mind for clarity.

Now she stood in her living room with all the lights turned out. After lighting the rose incense she lit the first of her candles. The Find True Love spell called for pink candles, for love, affection and romance. Zina used red instead, for energy, strength and sexual potency.

The next step was to visualize her need. And oh boy did she need. Her pussy already pulsated in anticipation, her nipples hardening against the cool air. It was December in New York and she was walking through her condo naked.

But with each thought she grew hotter, needier.

As her fingers stroked the candle her need blossomed filling her mind and every recess of her body with one insatiable thought. She wanted to be fucked, hard, fast, now. Her mind continued with that thought until the first candle had burned down completely.

This brought on the next phase of the spell, the part where she thought of the physical characteristics of her mate. Zina prided herself on being a decisive woman, a liberated and sexually uninhibited woman. So her desire was specific, tall, more than six feet since she was five feet eight inches without heels. Built, she loved to feel hard muscles on a man, the strength he exuded could always make her cream. His arms especially needed to be well toned, bulging with the power to hold her in the air as he fucked her brains out. His face, well, she was a fan of chiseled features and preferred a lighter brown complexion, something similar to her own caramel toned skin. Smoldering eyes were another thing that made her wet. Her body shivered now just thinking about it. And finally, she thought as she remembered putting Zeus in the cauldron sitting on the base of the makeshift altar in front of her, eight or more inches of long, thick, glorious cock.

Her mouth watered and she quickly licked her lips. With her visualization clear

Zina placed the rose quartz between two red candles at opposite ends of the altar. Then she encircled the candle holders with nine rose buds before dropping the remaining buds into the cauldron with Zeus. She lit the two red candles on the altar and lifted one of the rose buds into her hand thinking of the glorious sex and ultimate orgasm she would soon receive.

The candles burned and Zina continued to visualize her eventual pleasure.

Her knees began to wobble as her essence dripped down her thighs. Her nipples were so hard they hurt, her body so taut with need she felt like a statue.

She’d lost track of time with the images in her head so intense, so stimulating.

So when a cold gust of wind whipped through the room she was caught off guard and knocked to the floor. Looking around first to make sure she hadn’t overturned her altar and thus started a fire, she was calmed when she realized the candles had already burned out.

She was attempting to get up, her legs spread wide, her arms bracing her on the carpeted floor when she heard the deep voice.

“Sexy e bello.”