August 17, 2007
Parker Publishing
ISBN-13: 9781600430138
ISBN-10: 1600430139


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Love For All Seasons

Love For All Seasons

LOVE FOR ALL SEASONS will keep you aroused with four sensually charges romances guaranteed to keep temperatures boiling no matter what time of year. Barbara Keaton’s Spring Fling is a story of professors gone wild in Jamaica, that proves that spring flings aren’t just for the young. Sapphire Blue’s Summer Lovin’ is set in Miami, where the heats gets the creative juices flowing for a sexy producer and the beautiful screenwriter he abducts. The sulty summer has them both tied up in knots. Maureen Smith’s Falling Into You shows when good girl grad student goes undercover to explore the world of strippers, she finds herself exploring her own seductive side with an undercover cop who teaches her the real meaning of Vice. A.C. Arthur’s The Snowflake Seduction is the story of a jilted bride, who meets a jilted groom at a sex camp ski resort and discovers that romance on the rebound is the best kind of all.

“Summer Lovin'” by Sapphire Blue

She signed a contract with him. He wanted to make sure the job was done right. So on a balmy July day he kidnaps her with the intent of holding her captive until the job is complete. What Lance didn’t count on was how much he wanted to totally dominate Meena…or how submissive she would actually be.

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Dinner had been excruciating. She talked and he tried to keep up ordinary conversation with her but his eyes kept falling to the ample cleavage she displayed and when he forced himself to look at her face he wondered how her lips would feel wrapped around his throbbing length. It was pitiful, he admitted to himself. He was a thirty-two year old man, used to having any woman, any time he wanted them. And because the need was growing desperately he even thought of a few unattached Submissives that he knew in the South Beach area. One of them would love to come and play with him. Except, Lance was almost certain that another woman would not do.

He’d made his way downstairs deciding on a drink to take the edge off when he heard noise coming from the kitchen. It was a distraction that he probably should be thankful for he thought as he walked in the opposite direction of the den to find out who else was up at this time of night.

The moment he entered the room he knew that this distraction was going to be the death of him.

She was reaching into a cabinet above the counter, much too high for her to try and reach without the assistance of a step-stool or a chair, yet there she stood on her tiptoes, one arm bracing herself on the counter while the other reached over her head. The tiny wisp of satin she most likely called a nightgown rose high with her efforts so that once again Lance was faced with that mouthwatering ass of hers. And just like clockwork, his sex rose to the occasion.

This time there was no redirecting his thoughts. He crossed the floor in two long strides and grabbed her at her waist. With his palms at her sides he held her still, cradling his throbbing erection in the soft crevice of her backside.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she asked in a voice that was too breathy to be outraged.

“I’m taking what you have been so blatantly offering,” he said through gritted teeth. She was killing him.

She tried to squirm free but only managed to settle him more comfortably between her legs. Later, he would ask himself if she’d done it on purpose.

“I haven’t offered you anything. You’re the one who brought me here, remember?”

He did remember. It was a rash decision he’d made when he was focusing on business only. She was the key to his next box office hit. She was his employee. She was not his Submissive.

“And because I brought you here, you’ll do as I say,” he heard himself saying despite what he knew to be true.

She was silent for a moment then she said, “I don’t hear you saying anything.”

Again blood pumped hard and fast through his veins. What was she saying? Did she have any idea what her tightly spoken words were doing to him?

“Bend over,” he directed.

To his surprise she did and his mouth watered. Earlier today she was argumentative and feisty. He would have never guessed she could be submissive, yet here she was doing what he told her…willingly.

He pushed her night gown up to her breasts and let his hand slide down her bare back. She wore a thong and his fingers trailed beneath its rim. Lance took a step back but didn’t stop touching her. Just as he’d seen in his dream her golden ass glared back at him only marred by the thin line of the black thong. He wanted to smack that ass but instead grabbed it with both palms. He squeezed and let the flow of lustful power soar through him.

She lay over the counter letting him touch and look at her all he wanted, without saying a word. He loved it. Dropping to his knees Lance buried his face in her crease and inhaled. This was no dainty, feminine scent but a strong sexual aroma that called to him like a beacon. He needed more. Pulling her butt cheeks apart he licked her crease and groaned when he heard her sigh.

With lightening quick movements he turned her around and lifted her onto the counter. “Spread your legs wide.” He waited for her to do as he said and smiled inwardly as she did. With a finger he slid the wisp of her thong to the side and looked at her open center. Her nether lips were thick and coated with the beginnings of her arousal. With his thumb he touched the hood of her clit and looked into her eyes for a reaction.

She looked directly at him, her hazel eyes clouding with arousal. She didn’t blink nor did she speak, just held her head high watching and waiting for his next move.

“I want to see you come,” he told her.

She licked her lips. “Then make me come.”