July 4, 2008
Cobblestone Press
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ISBN-10: 1600883516


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The Vampire Oracle: Fever

The Vampire Oracle: Fever

After her parents were killed by a vampire, Charlie Kennedy decided to take justice into her own hands. A self-proclaimed vampire slayer, she’s heard of the impending Vampire Rebellion and is determined to take down as many of the blood-sucking murderers as she can. Julian DeLancie’s serious about his lifestyle and as one of the strongest of his coven is on a hunt for the head of the Rebellion. But when his task is interrupted by the beautiful and seductive huntress, Julian is forced into a battle of love vs. duty.

Julian and Charlie are explosive in and out of bed, their bond deep and binding, but will it withstand the ultimate sacrifice?

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Julian DeLancie’s teeth ached, and his cock was hard. He was hungry and horny—a deadly combination for such a powerful vampire.

The sun had gone down two hours ago. Since then, he’d paced the length of his room trying desperately to ignore the symptoms that continued to plague him. His room was dark, just the way he liked it, its twenty-foot high ceiling and twenty-foot wide dwelling space more than enough room for a man his size. At six-feet, seven inches tall and two-hundred-sixty pounds, Julian was no lightweight. He was all muscle, all male, all powerful. All vampire.

And he was proud of it. One-hundred-and-fifty years ago, his life had changed, and for what he now knew was for the better. He’d been raised in the Clan DeLancie of the Calmae Vampires, and after years of training and proving himself worthy, he was now second in command. He ruled just beneath the Clan Matriarch.

It was because of the Matriarch and the meeting he’d had with the Council last night that Julian was so tense. The Council had been in rare form from the moment Julian arrived. There were six of them, all heads of the clans of Reece and the surrounding counties in Boston, and they were meeting to discuss the rise of the Rebellion and what they needed to do to stop it. Julian’s solution was simple—kill the insubordinate bastards.

The Rebellion was a vicious group of vampires that had rallied against the colonization the Council had established. Throughout the country, vampires lived among humans, existing in a world that feared their kind. This had remained possible thanks to laws established by the Council. Now the

Rebellion wanted no part of those laws. They believed vampires were superior to humans, and that now was the time for them to claim their rightful place in society. The Council, on the other hand, believed in peaceful co-existence between humans and vampires. So to protect all the Council and their predecessors had worked for, Julian was now prepared to fight.

In fact, he was itching for some action. Which, in his case, wasn’t exactly a good thing. It was no secret that Julian DeLancie was one of the most deadly Calmaes to walk the earth. Although he was a relatively young vampire, his power had been instant, growing into a force that made even veteran vamps leery.

It wasn’t only his size that intimidated them, but his looks as well. His creamy, butter-colored complexion was in stark contrast to his dark, domineering spirit.

Eyes as deep and green as the sea, and a face that looked to have been sculpted by an angry artist made him appear even more intense. The scar that ran from just below his left earlobe to the center of his neck made him look angry. All this, coupled with his strength and surly attitude, created one not-to-be-fucked-with vampire.

Julian accepted his reputation as easily as he had his destiny. He was true to his clan and their cause. He was a vampire, and damned proud of it. And at this moment, two things a vampire could not fight for long were threatening to bring him to his knees. He needed to feed.

Bloodlust ran through his veins like lava flowing from a volcano. His stomach had already begun the minor cramps that signaled he was close to the breaking point. Council law dictated that vampires feed only from fellow vampires. This had been proven to be healthier for them; the intake of blood with like powers kept them alert. Besides, when drinking from a human, a vampire had to be especially careful not to drain their prey or allow the human to drink from them, or they risked turning that human.

For that reason alone, Julian stayed away from humans. Never would he risk converting someone to the life of a vampire without their permission.

Julian’s other ailment was a bit more basic. He needed to get laid. That admission made his balls draw so tight he thought they might burst from the pressure. It had been months since he’d had a woman, although Calmaes were known for their insatiable sexual appetites. At one time, sex had been more than just a chore for him. He’d enjoyed the intimate act of sex with his beloved. But that was all over now. That particular hunger was simply an itch that needed to be scratched.

A soft rapping at the door captured Julian’s attention, and he immediately ceased his pacing. He’d been awaiting news of the Rebellion leader’s whereabouts and prayed this was it. Moving quickly and without a sound, he opened the door to see Sparco, his manservant, standing on the other side.

Sparco was old, but stood as straight as a strapping teenager. His eyes were sharp; his tongue was quiet one moment, and whiplash quick the next. He’d been in the house as long as Julian had.

“What have you learned?” Julian asked.

“He is on the west side tonight, master. His minions have already made a kill.”

Julian’s lips peeled back and his fangs lengthened, pressing painfully into his lower lip. He snarled and turned quickly from the door.

The time to fight had come.