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Touch Me, Please Me

Touch Me, Please Me

She’s sexy, she’s powerful, she’s immortal and she’s promiscuous—and if that’s not enough she’s about to battle one of the strongest Phantoms to walk the face of this earth. That is if she can ever get enough of the dangerously attractive novelist who just showed up on her doorstep.

That’s a futile goal, especially since Sahara Baker was a Desirable Witch—a member of an elite legion of witches who are not only powerful but bewitchingly beautiful as well.

The laws of the Desirables forbid commitment of any kind. Sahara knows the rules and would never think of breaking them.

Cedric Compton is a bestselling fantasy author researching paranormal disturbances for his next novel when he stumbles across the legend of Desirables. Curious and horny Cedric heads to the small town of Mystic looking for answers, finding so much more.

But danger lurks. Mercio is the Phantom sent to kill Sahara.

Sahara is used to the joys of sex but is bound by the Desirable laws and thus has no idea how to deal with intimacy and the unconditional love of one man. Cedric is open-minded enough to accept that the woman he’s fallen for is a witch and heroic enough to protect her from the evil that hunts her. Sexy and romantic, crafty and adventurous, Sahara and Cedric battle the bad guys while creating a scorching path to their own happy ending.

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“You were out of line,” she spat then turned to stomp away from the clearing and the circle she’d just sealed.

Cedric stood still for another second watching as the spot where the mini battle had just taken place hummed with a low level of energy, smoke billowing in the perfect sphere. She’d closed the circle to seal in all the power she’d called on.

Left open, it was dangerous, anyone walked by could chance upon the power and use it inappropriately.

Coming up behind her, Cedric asked, “Why are you so angry?”

She whirled around and almost crashed into him. “This is my job, Cedric. Mine, not yours. You could have been killed you idiot!”

She was pounding against his chest and while her hits did not cause him pain he had to steady himself to keep from falling. Finally, he grabbed her wrists holding them tightly at the center of his chest. “I will not stand by and watch you be hurt. I don’t give a damn what your job is.”

“You don’t respect me or what I do.”

“I respect that you have a destiny that I cannot explain nor stop. I respect that you are totally focused on doing that. But you need to respect that I am a man. A man that is now intimately involved with you. I cannot and will not watch you be hurt.”

She opened her mouth to continue the argument and he silenced her with a kiss.

“Now, maybe we should work on this battle plan so that I’m included in the fight.”

* * *

Colina was sitting on the porch when they pulled up. She wore skin tight black capris and a halter top that barely covered her navel. The moment Cedric stopped the car she bolted from her seat and came running down the walkway.

“I felt the tremors. Why didn’t you tell me you were going to call him?” she said when she’d skirted the car and met Sahara as she’d gotten out.

“It was a last minute decision. And he got away,” she said dismally.

Colina wrapped her arm around Sahara’s waist and walked with her across the street. “I have some information that might help prepare for the next battle,” she was saying.

The woman acted as if Cedric were not standing there, which didn’t really bother him as he was trying to piece together what he was actually seeing.

Colina and Sahara walked up the steps to the porch and into the house, each with an arm wrapped around the other’s waist. They were sisters…no, sister witches,

Cedric corrected himself. Which probably meant that they weren’t blood related.

Once inside the house he closed and locked the door behind him and followed their voices toward the back of the house. He ended up in the breakfast nook, a small room off the kitchen with a counter along one wall and windows along the other. There was a white table and chair set in the middle of the floor and numerous flowers all about. A cheerful room that spoke of Sahara’s whimsical nature.

Cedric stood in the doorway as Colina led Sahara into a chair then went to the sideboard and opened one of the front cabinets. It only took him a second to realize that the cabinet was a mini-refrigerator where Colina retrieved bottled water that she opened and poured into a glass. Taking the glass with her to the table Cedric’s brow quirked as he watched Colina place the glass at Sahara’s mouth, tilting it back so that Sahara could drink.

Now immediately this didn’t strike him as an erotic lesbian scene. But when Sahara lifted a hand to stroke the side of Colina’s face and murmured a soft ‘thank you’ when she’d drank her fill and Colina had put the glass down on the table, he’d begun to think again.