Get ready for back-to-back Donovan releases!

ALWAYS MY VALENTINE — a Donovan Friends Novella will release on February 17, 2015.

EMBRACED BY A DONOVAN — Parker Donovan’s story will release in late April 2015.

WRAPPED IN A DONOVAN — Savian Donovan’s story will be up next, TENTATIVE release date December 2015.

Donovan CrestLook for the new Donovan Family Crest on all upcoming Donovan books. This is so that readers will easily be able to identify Donovan books even if “Donovan” is not in the title.

It all began with the Triple Threat Donovans, but this family of gorgeous alpha men would not be contained. The series continues with more exciting stories of love conquering all.

won the 2012 EMMA Award for Hero of the Year
Now Available for Purchase:
This 2-in1 print version features PLEASURED BY A DONOVAN and HEART OF A DONOVAN and is available for purchase ONLY ON AMAZON.

The Donovans Family Tree (PDF)Other books featuring the Donovans:

Download The Donovans Family Tree (PDF).

**NOTE: Beginning in 2013 the Donovan books will be released in ebook format FIRST. PRINT volumes will be released yearly and will contain two previously published in ebook Donovan stories. For example: THE DONOVANS VOLUME 1 will be a print book and will include Pleasured By A Donovan and Heart Of A Donovan. In 2015, The Donovans Volume 2: Parker & Savian, will be released in print.

The Donovans Vol. 1
The Donovans Volume 1
Print Vol. 1
Always My Valentine
Always My Valentine
A Donovan Friends Novella