Let’s Celebrate National Donovan Day!

I know that EMBRACED BY A DONOVAN is highly anticipated and I am so ready to share Parker’s story with all of you. To that end, I am postponing the release date until May 26, 2015. Wait a minute…before you all begin yelling at me, I’m moving the release date so that I can have the ebook release of EMBRACED BY A DONOVAN AND the print book release of EMBRACED & ALWAYS MY VALENTINE at the same time. I recognize that there are a good number of readers that are still waiting to read ALWAYS MY VALENTINE in book format and I’m trying to accommodate everyone.

In light of moving the release date, I have something very special for all Donovan readers! Because we’re so excited about the return of the Donovans I’ve designed a t-shirt for us all to wear on what I’m going to call National Donovan Day. This will be Saturday, May 30, 2015. Everyone who has a shirt will wear their shirt, take a picture of themselves in the shirt and post that picture on my Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest page. One lucky winner will receive a Kindle Paperwhite as an appreciation gift for supporting The Donovans.

To order your shirt, email your size (Small to 4XL) and Pay Pal address (so I can send you an invoice) to email hidden; JavaScript is required. To receive your shirt before National Donovan Day, please place all orders no later than May 5, 2015.

Donovan T-Shirt Prices
Sizes S, M & L = $20 + $3 shipping and handling
Sizes XL & 2XL = $22 + $3 shipping and handling
Sizes 3XL & 4XL = $24 + $3 shipping and handling

Donovan shirt front Donovan shirt back

Donovan CrestLook for the new Donovan Family Crest on all upcoming Donovan books. This is so that readers will easily be able to identify Donovan books even if “Donovan” is not in the title.

It all began with the Triple Threat Donovans, but this family of gorgeous alpha men would not be contained. The series continues with more exciting stories of love conquering all.

won the 2012 EMMA Award for Hero of the Year
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The Donovans Volume 1
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