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The Royal Weddings

Get ready for a royal love affair!

As the constituents of Grand Serenity Island prepare for the biggest royal celebration in almost thirty years—the second marriage of His Royal Highness, Prince Rafferty Simon DeSaunters—the Crown Prince Kristian, the Princess Samantha and Prince Roland, will also embark on events that will change their lives. While the palace staff is busy with wedding preparations, the royal children are attempting to accept their mysterious soon-to-be stepmother, Malayka Sampson. Falling in love wasn’t on the horizon for either of them, but it will be those love connections that will strengthen the monarchy and solve the mystery of who has been attempting to sabotage the royal wedding and destroy the future of Grand Serenity.

To Marry a Prince
Book 1
May 2017
Loving the Princess
Book 2
June 2017
Prince Ever After
Book 3
July 2017

September 29, 2017:
The Rebellion will rise

Available for Pre-Order August 1, 2017!

A Lion's HeartA LION’S HEART: A Shadow Shifters Rebellion Novel

Shadow Shifter Assembly Leader Roman Reynolds and his mate Kalina, have had a vicious fight on their hands for the last twenty years. The war between the humans and the shifters has grown lethal and to make matters worse, their now grown daughter, Nisa is on the battlefield.

The Rebel

Nisa Reynolds is a soldier. Despite her love and respect for her parents’ position in this fight, Nisa is determined to do things her way. If only she can convince the devilishly sexy white lion shifter traveling with her that her plan is the best option for the shifters survival…if only she were strong enough to fight the passion brewing between them.

The Lion

Decan Canter’s tribe had long since learned to co-exist with the other feline shifter tribes as they all lived in Oasis and believed in saving their race by any means necessary. Having a direct order come to him from the Assembly Leader to escort his daughter across the country, wasn’t something he’d expected, yet he respected the order and had tried his best to obey. But Nisa Reynolds was unlike any other shifter Decan had ever met, and even if it meant dying at the hands of the reputed Roman Reynolds, he had to taste her…only, having her once, was never going to be enough.

Coming Soon: The Donovan Dynasty

The Donovan Dynasty: The Next Chapter

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