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Available December 15: WRAPPED IN A DONOVAN

Wrapped in a Donovan

‘Tis the season to fall in love…

Jenise Langley has always been known in her family as “Ms. Independent”. A seasoned trial attorney now managing the Miami branch of the prestigious Langley Law firm, she’s all about taking care of herself and her business. Until Savian Donovan walks into her office and opens the door to unbridled passion. But outside the bedroom there’s turmoil brewing behind Savian’s stormy eyes and pending murder charges on his doorstep. Now, Jenise must decide if she’s on board for a bumpy road to love or if the shields she’d learned long ago to erect around her heart should remain in place…forever.

Savian Donovan is in big trouble. He’s suspected of murder and he’s sleeping with his attorney. His name is being dragged through the mud and his father and uncles are still keeping secrets from the family. There isn’t one good thing about the upcoming holiday season that Savian wants to celebrate…nothing, except the fire that burns bright and fierce between him and a woman he never expected to meet…or love.

Now Available: REVEALED


Rumors, Book 2

If you believed the RUMORS, get ready for the truth to be REVEALED.

When Nathan Hamilton was accused of killing Landy Connor just weeks before their college graduation, he lost everything—his friends, his reputation, and the love of his life, Tenile Barnes. For ten long years, the murder has remained unsolved, nothing but false leads and dead ends. Desperate to bring Landy’s killer to justice and win back Tenile’s heart, Nathan starts his own investigation. But the first break in the case comes at a high price: Landy’s old roommate Nicole is kidnapped …possibly by the same person who killed Landy.

Nathan and his old friends comb through every memory, every photograph, and every trace of evidence for clues about who killed Landy then and who has taken Nicole now. As they separate fact from vicious rumor and piece together what really happened that night, they discover that the truth is darker and more twisted than they ever imagined. The killer is close, waiting in the shadows, ready to strike again.

In the shocking sequel to Rumors, will the friends finally reveal Landy’s killer…or will Nicole be the next to fall?

The Carrington Chronicles

Wanting You Wanting You - Part 2 Needing You
Wanting You & Needing You are NOW AVAILABLE in paperback on Amazon ONLY!

Having You

Having YouThe Carrington Chronicles, Book 3
August 11, 2015 in ebook & paperback!

When a one-night stand opens the door to obsession…

Jerald Carrington is not a man to be toyed with. As CFO of Carrington Enterprises he is dedicated to his job and his family and has no time for anything in between. Until his brother introduces him to a sex club called The Corporation. It is there, on a hot summer evening, that a one-night stand begins a tumultuous journey through passion and desire. In the blink of an eye Hailey becomes the only thing he can think of, everything he’s ever wanted…she becomes his all. A fact, that somebody isn’t pleased with.

…and obsession leads to murder.

Hailey Jefferson used to have one goal in life—to graduate from college and make her grandparents proud. But halfway to reaching her dreams the beautiful linguist finds herself swept away by a reclusive millionaire with the power to make her tremble. In Jerald’s arms Hailey releases all her inhibitions and takes hold of something she’d never imagined would come her way, love. And then the threats begin, her life is in jeopardy and so is her grandmother’s. Now Hailey’s wondering if the love she’s come to cherish means more than the lives she’s vowed to protect.

Wolf Mates

The first book in the Wolf Mates series titled THE ALPHA’S WOMAN will be released as part of the dual-story ebook, Claimed By The Mate on September 15, 2015.

On January 5, 2016, a paperback anthology, will also feature THE ALPHA’S WOMAN. This book is titled Growl.

Claimed by the Mate Growl

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